photo: ACPDR archives

The monitoring, notification and warning system is designed for early detection and monitoring of risks posed by natural and other disasters, notifying and warning people, as well as managing and carrying out protection, rescue and relief activities.

The main tasks of the system are:

The system includes:

Notification Centre of the Republic of Slovenia and regional notification centres operate continuously 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Regional notification centres receive, process and transfer calls to the emergency call number 112. They activate fire-fighting units, emergency medical services and other emergency services and notify the responsible inspection services. Notification centres provide information and communication support to the management of protection, rescue and relief activities.

Notification centres also transmit requests, warnings, announcements, explanations and instructions in the event of alerts as well as other urgent messages concerning the risks of natural and other disasters to the national authorities and the mass media.

Through monitoring networks, the Notification Centre of the Republic of Slovenia monitors the developments in the environment, coordinates rescue efforts in the event of major natural and other disasters, and activates national units. It also prepares daily information bulletins and statistical data on disasters and rescue operations and serves as the national contact point for the exchange of information with similar centres and organizations within the European Union and other countries.

photo: ACPDR archives