As part of the Administration of the Republic of Slovenia for Civil Protection and Disaster Relief, there are 13 regional notification centres. They perform a 24-hour duty service 365 days a year at the European emergency call number 112 and represent an effective service for providing assistance in the event of natural or other disasters. According to legislation, the tasks of regional notification centres are briefly as follows:

Residents of Slovenia, as well as other residents of the European Union, are familiar about notification centres primarily due to the telephone number 112, which they can call in the event of natural or other disasters or other events that can threaten the life and safety of humans, animals or property, that is, when there is a need for emergency medical assistance or the involvement of fire-fighting units, mountain or cave rescue services or other emergency services. A regional notification centre provides the responsible authorities and the public with information about the situation, and instructions for actions and measures, declares an emergency or deploys protection, rescue and relief forces to the site of the emergency, and notifies the responsible bodies and services.

When a response of protection, rescue and relief forces is needed, quick and correct action based on accurate information is of vital importance. The responsible regional notification centre is also involved in providing logistic support to protection, rescue and relief forces in the field, as well as monitoring and recording the progress of the emergency response.

In the framework of the disaster response information and communication system, all incoming and outgoing phone calls to the single European call number 112 are recorded. For identification of the emergency's location, the GIS_UJME system is used. The system enables location search based on the reported address (town, street, street number, for example Dunajska 123, Ljubljana) or place name (such as the Triglav North Face). The location of a business entity can be found based on the Slovenian Business Register. In accordance with their area of responsibility, protection, rescue and relief forces are activated by sending short text messages (paging) or through the public warning system. In the event of accidents involving dangerous substances, emergency services have access to the Web application NevSnov, which includes data on the most commonly used dangerous substances in the Republic of Slovenia and procedures to respond to such accidents.

foto: Bruno Toič